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Wall lamp Tense, 44x30cm

Wall lamp Tense, 44x30cm

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Design: Panter & Tourron, 2022

In the Tense luminaire series, the designers studied the stress aspects of the material, giving life to the airy and flowing forms. A new addition to the series is the Tense wall lamp, whose cloud-like lampshade gently scatters light and creates a sculptural expression.

The lampshade made of Tyvek material is at the same time durable, soft and also 100% recyclable. The flexibility of the crisp paper-like material brings tact and further emphasizes the cloud-like properties of the Tense luminaire when it shines through. The discreet little switch on the wall lamp is at the back.

Dimmable light source included:
4W LED, 3000K (resulting in about 2700K through lampshade)
230V / 110mA, 50 / 60Hz, 400lm, CRI 80+

See the PDF product page here

DIMENSIONS: height 44cm, depth 11cm, width 30cm

MATERIAL: Tyvek (100% recyclable), powder coated aluminum

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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