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Wireless table lamp Romb Mini 19cm, blue-black

Wireless table lamp Romb Mini 19cm, blue-black

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Romb table lamp with bold graphic expression has been created in cooperation with Broberg & Ridderstråle design and architecture firm for the Pholc brand. The luminaire was born from the duo's work with corrugated board, which architects use in their work on a daily basis. The result is a striking decorative design with a unique form and aesthetics.

At the heart of the design is the idea that its various details and layers will be revealed on closer inspection. At the same time, the luminaire is a decorative and mood-creating element both when switched on and at rest. Its soft wavy surface catches light and creates poetic shadows that change during the day. The diamond-shaped shade of metal lamp is open, which creates an impressive light contrast at the bottom and at the same time directs a soft beam of light. The dimmable function is easy to adjust and creates a luxurious cozy atmosphere in the room.

Architectural Rhombus luminaires are now available in three sizes and different shades, of which the product is a new Mini version in a bluish-black Bluestone finish. Thanks to its more compact size and wireless battery-based design, the new Rhombus fits anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.

Bulb included in the set:
G4 - 3W LED, 2700K,> RA80

Three-stage dimmer:
100% 280lm - burning time 3 hours
40% 108lm - recommended, burning time 12 hours
10% 28lm - burning time 40 hours

Charging time: 5 hours (0-100%)

See luminaire instructions here

DIMENSIONS: width 15cm, height 19cm, depth 8cm, USB-C cable 200cm

MATERIAL: aluminum

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-4 weeks

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