Table mirror Aura, Ø13x9cm, stainless steel

Table mirror Aura, Ø13x9cm, stainless steel

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Design: Bjørn van den Berg, 2016

The bold materiality of the Aura mirror is what gives it a unique inner glow. Its polished metal shape collects ambient light, creating a variety of reflections through its combination of different smooth and curved surfaces. Designed to be touched and held, the weight and strength of the mirror are balanced by its soft brilliance and sculptural convex shape.

This product is a stainless steel Aura table mirror, you can find a copper version from here. See also Aura series wall mirrors, available in different sizes. 

Check out the PDF product page here

DIMENSIONS: diameter 12.7cm, height 9 cm

MATERIAL: polished stainless steel

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks 

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