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Dining table Epic, Ø130cm, steel, different shades

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Series sample products in a representative store! (Coffee table Ø60cm, white travertine & coffee table Ø80cm gray travertine)

The Epic dining table has been created by the renowned Danish-Italian design duo GamFrates, which combines Danish and international design traditions in its work. The sculptural piece of furniture is inspired by Greek pillars and Roman architecture. The name of the table 'Epic' comes from epic poems of ancient times. 

Inspired by historic buildings such as the Roman Colosseum and St. Peter's Basilica, the design combines two simple geometric shapes - a circle and a hexagon, referring to the most characteristic detail of Greek architecture - the pillars.

The Epic series includes dining and sofa tables of different sizes that allow you to play with different levels and tones - the result is an impressive and dynamic cluster. Although even individually, the table is an eye-catching focus.

Steel boards are the new additions to the Epic collection of 2021. The steel plates are galvanized, varnished and then hand-processed by various processes, creating a unique finish each time. As a result of intensive experimentation, three different shades of color have been achieved, which are restrained but at the same time rich, and whose aged patina adds depth and unique character to the surface of each object. The beauty of the material is emphasized by the monolithic form.

This product is a dining table with a diameter of 130 cm, which is available in two colors. 


DIMENSIONS: diameter 130cm, table top thickness 0.5cm, total table height 74cm, table leg diameter 50cm


DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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