Plaid Untitled AP10, 210x150cm, different colors
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Plaid Untitled AP10, 210x150cm, different colors

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The modern brand All the Way to Paris brings you a blanket illustrated with this motif. Made from a blend of cotton, wool, viscose and polyamide, this lightweight quilt is ideal for year-round use.

The geometric black plaid is available in four different colors, but thanks to the discrete seams, they can be used in both directions and enrich the possibilities with darker and lighter colors.


Laundry: Dry cleaning only.

DIMENSIONS: 210x150cm

MATERIAL: 48% cotton, 28% wool, 12% viscose, 12% polyamide


beige: 1-3 days

yellow: 1-3 days

dark green: 1-3 days

blue: 1-3 days

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