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Sun lounger Ischia, stackable, different colors, 2pcs

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Ischia is a stylish and minimalist sun lounger with a metal frame, suitable for both classic and modern style terraces. Thanks to the waterproof materials, it is a great choice by the pool. The wheels of the recliner allow it to be easily moved and to catch the sun at its best at any time. TThanks to the stackable function, the recliner is also easy to store.

Both the metal frame and the fabric of the chair are available in different colors - create a unique combination that expresses your own personality. You can find out more about the full range of materials and colors in our representative store, where we are happy to help you make a choice.  

The fabric of the chair is specially treated to be UV-resistant and waterproof, which prevents fading as well as mold. High-quality and durable materials ensure the long-term durability of the product and are therefore valued in both homes and public spaces.  

Stackable, maximum 10 chairs.

The price is valid for two chairs. 


DIMENSIONS: height 98,5cm, length 192cm, width 78cm, seat height 35,6cm

MATERIAL: metal, fabric - polyester fibers

The metal is coated with certified QUALICOAT thermosetting polyester powder paint. Possible additional epoxy primer before finishing.

Delicate white (BIB) and delicate black (NEB) on made in chenille technique  Softer versions of Texplast fabrics.

WEIGHT: 15kg (one chair)

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 4-6 weeks

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