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Coffee table Plinth, 100x60cm, different marbles

Coffee table Plinth, 100x60cm, different marbles

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Design: Norm Architects

Marble Plinth serves two purposes: to be a beautiful sculptural element and to highlight the objects on it. Versatile and timeless, its polished marble surface carries sophistication and elegance that enhances any room.

Plinth is available in three sizes and four different marbles. This low rectangular version is ideal for a solid coffee table. The cube is an ideal night or side table, and the third high version is suitable for use in the traditional way - as a podium to place a bust, sculpture, art, plant or luminaire. Different sizes are also perfect for combining with each other.

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DIMENSIONS: 100x60cm, height 27cm

MATERIAL: MDF, Nero Marquina marble, Kendzo marble, Carrara marble, Calacatta Viola marble, Kunis Breccia stone

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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