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Ceiling lamp Circular, Ø55cm, bronze

Ceiling lamp Circular, Ø55cm, bronze

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Design: Studio WM

Thanks to its modern appearance, the Circular ceiling lamp with clean lines offers endless possibilities for use in various rooms, both at home and in public environments. The pendant reflector reflects evenly diffused light, which is great for both functional lighting and creating a general mood in the room. Smarter than it looks, it's integrated with mobile-controlled technology, allowing you to adjust both light temperature and brightness.

Available in powder coated black or anodised bronze finish. See the instructions for the Menu Lighting application here and a full PDF product page here.

Integrated LED:
12W, 800 lm
Ra > 90

DIMENSIONS: diameter 55cm, height 13.8cm, cable length 500cm

MATERIAL: anodized aluminum

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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