Pink Tréfle, different wood finishes

Pink Tréfle, different wood finishes

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The iconic Tréfle bench was originally designed by Marcel Gascoin, one of France's most renowned designers, in 1949. This robust pillar, with an emphasis on functionality and practicality, is a good example of how Gascoin simplified interior design by creating elements that are easy to integrate. The split seat with curved lines combined with strong legs creates an elegant look. Crafted from long-lasting, natural materials with unique details, the Tréfle bench adds warmth and versatility to a modern interior. 

Also check out the Gascoin collection of C-Chairs and S-Table and B-Table dining tables, which create Joke bench as a whole.

The bench is available in four different wood finishes.

DIMENSIONS: width 28cm, depth 30cm, height 45cm

MATERIAL: oiled american black walnut, lacquered matt smoked oak, oiled oak, lacquered matt black stained oak

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-3 weeks

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