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Hi everybody!
It's Friday and the spring sun is shining outside - who is tired of working longer! This is a good time to surf the web a bit and explore what's new and exciting on our site, pretending to be a practical job for the boss (or subordinates!);)
It's time to start with more serious interior design themes. In today's post, we will introduce all home decorators and DIY fans in more detail to our series of handles and buttons, which is a great way to give a bit of a new look to a boring kitchen wardrobe or furniture. Perhaps our collection of pictures and installation instructions will inspire you to look around at home over the weekend with a creative look to find a room or piece of furniture that needs updating. When you place an order in our store, you can complete the project very soon, because all our cabinet buttons only have up to a week of delivery!
Before we get to the point, let's share with you a few news stories we've been working on this week:
  • Our furniture collection now includes a stylish combo of dining table chairs 'Konrad', inspired by timeless medieval furniture. Your savings compared to 65eur when purchased separately!
  • We also have some brand new products on our site. First of all, the 'Bak' sideboard, which is extremely easy to reposition at home due to its lightness and handles - use it as a shelf in the hallway, as a side table next to the sofa or to grow the first spring herbs on it! The product is in the furniture category, price 129.95eur.
  • Another newcomer is the comfortable leather dining chair 'Forms', which is available in both brown and black, for 79 euros.   
  • Last but not least - Our product range now includes a series of handmade pillows 'Porto' from the legendary Swedish textile company Frösö Handtryck from start to finish. Check out these pillows made with classic handicrafts but modern interiors in our textile category.
Now for our main topic today.
Every interior designer knows that charm lies in the details. It is easy to install a sofa, table and closet in the room, but it is the smaller objects that help to create a unified whole from the interior. In today's post, we present an easy and affordable way to improve your home and update it by spring when using details.
If you have dreamed of a new kitchen, bathroom or piece of furniture, it is not necessary to go to the shops, because the answer to your hopes can be found right here. We have cool cabinet knobs for sale, which even the oldest or most boring piece of furniture looks like the production of the trendiest interior design brand!
If you want to undertake a small DIY project (eng. Do It Yourself - do it yourself) to give your home a fresh look, follow the simple steps below. (If you are especially adventurous, you can also use sandpaper and a paint brush to help you become extreme!)
  1. Select the piece of furniture that needs an update. It can be a kitchen, bathroom furniture, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers or even a bedside table with one drawer!
  2. Choose the right handles or buttons - we have a wide range of different shades of products that you can combine according to the shades of your home.    
  3. Let's get to work! If you are replacing existing handles with new ones, remove the old ones first. This may require a screwdriver / finger (or father / brother /boyfriend 'i! :))
  4. If the furniture did not previously have handles, the hole (s) must first be drilled for installation. (However, if you have removed the old handles, you may need a cage to fit the screw on the new handle through the hole.)
  5. Select the appropriate position for the button and mark the drilling locations with a tape measure or ruler to ensure accurate positioning. Apply tape to the drilling sites (both front and rear) to prevent surface damage. In places, ready, cage!
  6. Remove the tape, insert the metal button with the handle through the drilled hole and turn the other side to the back - on the same principle as the earring. Tighten the back as tightly as possible to keep the handles firmly in place.
  7. Admire your masterpiece! 
It's that simple! Place accessories in the same shades near your new cabinet buttons to further emphasize them.
Ideas for using the buttons in the kitchen:
Ideas for updating other furniture:
Happy spring weekend to everyone, successful activities and next time! ;)
Co-founder of Nordic Design Home

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